Nicole Jandreau || Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Nicole’s strengths are building relationships, developing rapport, and executing the task at hand efficiently and timely. Her expertise really comes from the fact that she has been the person in this position before. She has been the person looking for her next role so she can relate and understand what that really means for someone in their search. She has also been the recruiter and understands what the managers are looking for and how to tap into that with candidates. She has been told managers do not worry when she is their recruiter because they know the job will get done to their expectations. She feels proud that she is trusted and looked at as a positive resource for those she serves.

Nicole tries to meet the person where they are at, whether it’s a candidate or hiring manager. It’s important to understand everyone is different and she can be flexible to their needs and wants while advising and helping in multiple ways. She is adaptable, strategic, hard-working, and fun!

Her three favorite things are her two wonderful kids, to laugh and to travel. Her goal is to travel to all 7 continents. She has been to four so far. Her most favorite travel to date was Hawaii. She was fortunate enough to have traveled to Oahu for a friend’s wedding and fell in love with the island, culture, and people. It’s a magical place and she cannot wait to go back!

She is excited to work at M3 Placement and Partnership because she is interested in doing more for her clients. She wants to not only provide recruitment services for them, but to provide strategic partnerships through advisement and HR services. She wants to be a trusted advisor and resource of knowledge so they can learn, while fulfilling their recruitment needs.

Shelby Whalen || Talent Acquisition Associate ||

Shelby’s strengths include communication and creating a calming yet open environment. She believes that these two aspects will bring value to the M3 team by having a trusting environment between her team members as well as clients and candidates.

An experience that has shaped her professional career has been customer service. It has taught her how to effectively communicate, show empathy, and have confidence in difficult times. The best kudo she ever received from a client is that she brings a calming and positive presence, especially during stressful times.

Her approach is simple; be as honest and up front as possible. In the past, the clients she has worked with have appreciated that and have trusted her more because of it. She is dedicated, determined, compassionate and excited to join M3 because of the atmosphere of the M3 team and connecting with candidates and hiring managers.

She is originally from Buffalo, NY but currently resides in Denver, CO. She loves to hike and backpack. Her favorite trips so far have been Conundrum Hot Springs in Aspen and Sky Pond in Rocky Mountain National Park. When she is not in the mountains, she enjoys reading thrillers and romance novels. Lastly, she loves playing with her pup, Otis!

Danielle Watkins || Talent Acquisition Associate ||

Danielle Watkins is our newest Talent Acquisition Associate at M3 Placement & Partnership. She loves building strong connections with both candidates and hiring managers in order to find a perfect fit for both parties. Focusing on genuine relationships and mutual values & goals, Danielle is excited to help our clients build quality, long-lasting teams and to help candidates find their dream jobs.

Danielle brings fresh creativity to the team from her previous career in Digital & Social Media Marketing. She transitioned to the staffing industry about a year ago where she enjoyed helping good people find jobs with great companies in the Capital District as an Employment Specialist. She is excited to expand her recruiting skills & work with a team of like-minded professionals at M3.

Outside of work, Danielle loves travelling and has visited 25+ countries on 4 continents. Her adventures abroad range from backpacking through Europe to scuba diving on a remote island in Indonesia for 2 years. She’s happy to be back home in Upstate NY near her family where she enjoys hiking, boating, dancing, live music, comedy podcasts & true crime documentaries.

Kristi Richtmyer || Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant ||

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Kristi Richtmyer, has over 15 years of professional recruiting experience in RPO and Internal Human Resources. She enjoys building relationships with clients, candidates, and team members. High volume recruitment is her specialty, and she enjoys the challenge of this fast-paced work.

Kristi was drawn to M3’s mission to impact individuals, organizations, and the community for the better while also ensuring that all are fulfilled and cared for. These values are important to Kristi both personally and professionally and she is grateful to work with a likeminded organization where she can contribute to making a positive difference in the lives of others and the world.

Her approach is to look for the strengths and the positives in every situation and build from there. She believes that everyone is doing the best that they can and she tries to meet everyone where they are at. A great sense of humor always helps too!

Outside of work, Kristi’s favorite thing to do is spend time with her daughters and husband. Over the past few years she has become a dance and sports mom, and can often be found watching her daughters in their activities. You can also find her out shopping, one of her other favorite pastimes.

Abby Bean || Senior Talent Acquisition Associate ||

Senior Talent Acquisition Associate, Abby Bean, loves working in the recruiting field as it is a rewarding career where you get to make connections with clients and candidates daily. Before working at M3, she worked in the customer service field for many years and fell into the recruiting field once she graduated college. Abby wanted to be a recruiter who can make an impact on the lives of others and can find the best career for them to succeed.

Abby is excited to work at M3 Placement after hearing great things from employees.

Outside of work, Abby loves spending time with her family, going on hikes and camping at state parks (Letchworth State Park and Stony Brook State Park are local to her), and riding horses.

Sydney Murauskas || Talent Acquisition Associate ||

Sydney Murauskas’s communication skills make her a perfect fit as a Talent Acquisition Associate for M3. The virtual work environment has shown her that communication is key and allows a team to grow stronger and succeed. She enjoys speaking with candidates from all over the country to learn about their interests and career journeys in order to build professional relationships.  

Sydney is most excited to help match people with companies that will give them the most happiness and motivation to go to work each day. One placement can make a dramatic change in M3 Placement and Partnership clients’ lives and within their company. A new direction with leadership or a fresh mindset for a person can truly bring positive change. 

Outside of work, Sydney enjoys spending time outdoors. She enjoys going for long walks in the park to decompress and have a moment to relax. 

Jennifer Moore || Talent Acquisition Associate ||

Jennifer is success-oriented. As Talent Acquisition Associate for M3, she partners with clients to identifying hiring needs, sourcing, conducting interviews and filtering candidates for the open positions. She believes she brings the most value to M3 by being focused on her role, adjusting strategies as needed, and helping the team in any way she can. She is excited to continue doing what she does best, which is recruiting! 

She has 4 plus years of experience working in the recruiting and hospitality field. Jennifer has recruited for manufacturing, administrative and corporate positions. Her experience makes her a well-rounded recruiter and helps bring different perspectives to the table. Jennifer is very passionate about recruiting and finds it rewarding to be part of candidate’s success stories. 

When she is not working, Jennifer loves spending time with my family. She also really enjoys volunteering when she can and is on the Paige’s Butterfly Run Committee as their Volunteer Coordinator. Jennifer also volunteers at Feed my Starving Children, Samaritans Purse, and Honor Flight when she can. Additionally, she just started photography as a new hobby and travels any chance she gets. 

Rebecca King || Talent Acquisition Coordinator ||

Rebecca joined M3 Placement & Partnership in March of 2022 as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator. She will primarily be in Project Management, while also supporting growth on the administrative side. Prior to joining M3 Placement, Rebecca was an experienced assistant with a demonstrated history of working in the government & financial administration industry. Driven by her strong work ethic and strategic skills, she takes pride in surpassing the needs of whatever her job entails.

Rebecca resides just outside of her hometown hamlet of Millers Mills with her husband, daughter, and dog. When not at work, she enjoys horseback riding, boating, and spending time with her family.

Veronica Mathias || Senior Talent Acquisition Associate ||

Veronica Mathias’s adaptable nature is why she is the perfect fit for her role. She works as a support system for the team, completing a wide variety of tasks and serving as a second set of eyes on all projects. As a fast-paced learner, she can take on different projects and tasks in our wide array of client industries. Veronica is our go-to woman!

Since graduating from college a few years back, Veronica can sympathize with the recent college grads seeking their first professional job. With her positive attitude, Veronica is able to take every day as a new day and tackle any challenges that may arise with a smile on her face. Veronica is excited to work with M3 Placement and Partnership because the organization’s values align with her own and she believes in the mission. Her approach to work is strategic, creating plans with specific goals in mind. She is passionate about supporting her team, because “everyone can use a hand every now and then.” 

Outside of work, Veronica enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, golfing, or visiting her family’s summer camp on the St. Lawrence River. She’s also a plant enthusiast and enjoys tending to her growing population of house plants. Veronica is always well-accompanied by her dog and cat, Maggie and Beans. 

Elisha Gilroy || Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant ||

Working in Talent Acquisition and building connections with both candidates and hiring managers is what Elisha Gilroy loves most about working at M3.  Taking the time to get to know what the candidates are looking for in a position and matching them with a company that is the perfect fit for their values and career goals is what is most fulfilling about her role as Talent Acquisition and Strategic HR Associate.

Elisha contributes a wealth of knowledge to the team from her previous role as Talent Acquisition Specialist with Eklego Workforce Solutions, and prior to that, as a Staffing Manager at with Robert Half.  Customer service has always been a part of her career and she tries to handle every approach with quality service which is why she was drawn to M3.  M3 Placement and Partnership exhibits the same high standards for taking great care of clients and contacts, which is very important to her.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her husband and two daughters.  She loves the outdoors and from Spring to Fall you can find her camping and hiking.

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