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Christine Schoener || RPO Manager ||

With over 11 years of experience in the talent acquisition and recruitment process outsourcing fields, Christine brings a genuine passion for connecting people and organizations in meaningful ways. Her approach is rooted in building authentic relationships with clients and candidates alike, driven by a desire to make a positive and lasting impact.

Christine’s true fulfillment comes from facilitating successful matches where both the client and the candidate can thrive together. She takes great pride in guiding candidates through the interview process with a warm and supportive presence, helping them feel at ease as they pursue their dream roles. For clients, Christine’s goal is to provide an efficient and effective recruiting process that sets them up for continued success, even after an engagement concludes.

Some of her most fulfilling collaborations have been with purpose-driven nonprofit organizations operating in the healthcare services realm. Attracting and retaining top talent for these purpose-driven companies is a challenge she embraces wholeheartedly, recognizing the invaluable impact of their work.

“M3 gives me the opportunity to build truly meaningful relationships with our clients,” Christine shares. “The partnerships I create with their HR teams are so impactful. We come in as a partner, meeting the client where they are, and then guide them through best practices, implementing new processes and procedures to ensure their future success. It’s a collaborative journey that I find immensely fulfilling.”

In her free time, Christine loves spending quality time with family, going out on the lake for night cruises, reading, gardening, and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. She also has a self-professed talent for excelling as a sports spectator.