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Veronica Mathias-Marquez || RPO Manager ||

Veronica Mathias-Marquez’s adaptable nature is why she is the perfect fit for her role. She works as a support system for the team, completing a wide variety of tasks and serving as a second set of eyes on all projects. As a fast-paced learner, she can take on different projects and tasks in our wide array of client industries. Veronica is our go-to woman!

Since graduating from college a few years back, Veronica can sympathize with the recent college grads seeking their first professional job. With her positive attitude, Veronica is able to take every day as a new day and tackle any challenges that may arise with a smile on her face. Veronica is excited to work with M3 Placement and Partnership because the organization’s values align with her own and she believes in the mission. Her approach to work is strategic, creating plans with specific goals in mind. She is passionate about supporting her team, because “everyone can use a hand every now and then.” 

Outside of work, Veronica enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, golfing, or visiting her family’s summer camp on the St. Lawrence River. She’s also a plant enthusiast and enjoys tending to her growing population of house plants. Veronica is always well-accompanied by her dog and cat, Maggie and Beans.