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Mission and Values

We believe better talent creates better organizations, and better organizations create a better world.

M3 Placement and Partnership is a trusted support system for companies searching for a partner in talent acquisition and executive searches and a guide in tackling the strategic human resource needs of companies of all sizes. Located in the Capital Region, we understand that employers are faced with competing priorities, shifting talent landscapes and that candidates are searching for companies they can call home. Our holistic approach to learning about companies and candidates from the inside out ensures that we are able to create effective and long term connections to support your goals and visions for the future. We believe that every time a candidate and a company match, and their culture, values, and goals align, a life has been changed and a team has been made stronger.

Our purpose is to create dynamic teams for organizations and find fulfilling careers for our talent so that our communities may flourish together.

We believe that businesses have the power to elevate our world and all of those in it by working to fulfill a purpose beyond profit. We believe in the power of people to make the world a better place through their work. When our founder, Mary Malone McCarthy, began M3 she did so with the conviction that when employees are fulfilled and cared for they are better able to care for their families and their communities and in turn, our world. Our purpose fuels each member of the team to wake up each day and care for our partners and their teams.

Better Talent > Better World

M3, we are on a mission to find better talent for the organizations we work with. We believe when superior talent is placed in key leadership roles, change is created to impact organizations and lives for the better, and that creates a better world.

Our business is rooted in Conscious Capitalism