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Shelby Whalen || Recruiter ||

Shelby’s strengths include communication and creating a calming yet open environment. She believes that these two aspects will bring value to the M3 team by having a trusting environment between her team members as well as clients and candidates.

An experience that has shaped her professional career has been customer service. It has taught her how to effectively communicate, show empathy, and have confidence in difficult times. The best kudo she ever received from a client is that she brings a calming and positive presence, especially during stressful times.

Her approach is simple; be as honest and up front as possible. In the past, the clients she has worked with have appreciated that and have trusted her more because of it. She is dedicated, determined, compassionate and excited to join M3 because of the atmosphere of the M3 team and connecting with candidates and hiring managers.

She is originally from Buffalo, NY but currently resides in Denver, CO. She loves to hike and backpack. Her favorite trips so far have been Conundrum Hot Springs in Aspen and Sky Pond in Rocky Mountain National Park. When she is not in the mountains, she enjoys reading thrillers and romance novels. Lastly, she loves playing with her pup, Otis!