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Attracting and Retaining Engaged, Productive Talent: A New Model for a New Normal

It’s increasingly evident that traditional approaches to talent acquisition and retention are no longer relevant or effective. Yet, the new playbook is still being written. It’s never easy to fly the plane while you’re building it, but in times like these it’s a necessity.

What does it all mean for CEOs, COOs, CHROs, and other business leaders?

It means there is a pressing need to adopt a new model for talent acquisition, retention, and engagement—one that is purpose-built for the current environment. This white paper outlines the key drivers of change in the talent space and lays out a proven model for approaching talent in a way that ensures long-term, sustainable success for organizations and the individuals they employ.

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A New Model for a New Normal

The work environment and everything it encompasses has forever changed, altered by forces like the pandemic, a volatile economic landscape, civil unrest, and a heightened emphasis on values like diversity, equity, and inclusion. It’s clear the concept of a new normal doesn’t begin to describe the seismic shifts shaping organizations today. But what is much less clear is how to navigate the changes, overcome the challenges, and continue to attract and retain talent that will bolster an engaged and productive workforce.

Authors Mary Malone McCarthy, Anne Rush, and Donna Hughes, share insights in this white paper on how organizations can adapt and put in place sustainable, real solutions for attracting and retaining talent.