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M3 Launches New Model to Support Companies in Recruitment and Retention  

As companies face varying economic challenges, M3 Placement and Partnership is preparing to assist companies in their talent acquisition needs in a new way. This winter they are launching a strategic model for how companies can rely on M3 to assist in hiring for multiple positions while consulting on best practices and implementing strategic changes to improve retention numbers.  

M3 is launching three new monthly support packages, costing less than the average yearly salary for a talent acquisition professional. Instead of relying on one person to hold all the responsibilities of talent acquisition for a company, utilizing a recruiting firm gives companies access to expertise from a whole team of seasoned industry professionals. Building a customized monthly package allows clients to access concierge services from veteran recruiters and talent acquisition leaders. 

“With economic shifts expected in 2024 we know that securing top talent is more important now than ever before. The competition for top talent is at its highest in decades and with the right strategy and team behind you, companies can recruit and retain the talent they need to face the changing market and economic landscape,” says Mary Malone McCarthy, founder and CEO of M3.   

The M3 team encourages companies to lean on their highly experienced team to overcome struggles in recruiting and retaining top talent through one of their three customized packages offering recruiting services, retention engagement strategies, consulting and advising services, and employer brand development services.  

M3 has been a part of the Central New York business community for the past 12 years. They are a certified woman owned business and purpose driven organization that exists to create dynamic teams for organizations and find fulfilling careers for talent so that our communities may flourish together.  

Is it time to update your recruiting process?

Our team has over 25 years of experience working with organizations across industries and sectors to deliver top talent. Today, we want to share the areas we have found that are in need of improvement across the recruiting process, no matter what industry you’re in or what role you’re trying to fill. Talent acquisition isn’t easy but is often the key to achieving strategic initiatives, meeting business goals, and successfully navigating periods of high growth.  

Area of improvement #1: Share what makes your organization unique  

You are competing for top talent, no matter what industry you are in or what role you are looking to fill. One of the easiest ways to compete is to showcase who your company is- not just what you do.  

Talk about the organization’s mission, vision for the future, values, and beliefs. All of these will help a potential candidate to see themselves in the organization and decide if the role is a good fit for them personally and professionally. We consistently hear, “I want to be a part of an organization that I can connect with.” So, it’s up to you to show them the parts of the organization they can create a connection to. 

Area of improvement #2: The recruiting process takes too long  

The length of time your interview process takes depends a lot on the industry, role, and organizational structure. Regardless of these factors, candidates have high expectations for communication throughout the process and want to understand what comes next. Long gone are the days when you can wait 2-3 weeks to respond to an application or resume and then expect an applicant to slog through 6 weeks of interviews and 2 weeks of time to decide.  

Follow up quickly with candidates who fit your ideal profile and keep them up to date on the process and how long each step will take. Don’t lose out on talent because your process takes too long or isn’t clear enough. Be effective and proactive in your process, the candidate begins experiencing your company with your first outreach for an interview.  Once the process has started, check in along the way, and offer next steps or opportunities for questions or touch bases.  

Area of improvement #3: Make the application easy and user friendly  

If an application is too cumbersome or people get stuck in the technology, they will walk away from the application.  

Before you post any application ask yourself these three questions: 

  • Is this mobile friendly- can this be filled out easily on someone’s phone?  
  • Is this application easy to complete?  
  • Does the technology of this application require too many steps or is it hard to login to?  

Area of improvement #4: The job description doesn’t tell the story of your organization 

We know- job descriptions are cumbersome and detail-oriented. But they are key to communicating your open position with type of talent you’re looking for.  

Take a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of the job description- the key qualifications, responsibilities, and measures of success in the first 6 to 12 months- to ensure the job description has been rewritten and refreshed with an eye on marketing the position to potential hires. 

Area of improvement #5: The talent acquisition strategy isn’t proactive enough  

The job market isn’t what it once was- don’t wait around for the resumes to come to you.  

Instead, strategically post job listings in the places your talent is looking for and create postings that make the position stand out. In what is often referred to as “the war for talent” the winner is the company that can showcase that this isn’t just another seat to fill at a company, but the exceptional why behind the opportunity. And don’t be afraid to contact talent directly that you see on sites like LinkedIn. Build a proactive top talent list of candidates you’re interested in and bring the job listing to them. 

Area of improvement #6: Bring all team members in on the interview process.  

Recruiting is not just the job of human resource or talent acquisition professionals. It’s up to the hiring manager, receptionist, and anyone on the interview team to help make the experience a memorable and meaningful one for a top candidate.  

The interview process starts from the moment that candidate walks in the door or logs on to the video conference. Include whoever will be interacting with the candidate in the process, giving them the tools they need to greet the candidate and welcome them into the folds of the organization. Hiring managers should be given the tools they need to follow up quickly and interview efficiently, effectively, and personably, allowing the organization’s best qualities to shine through.  

You don’t have to tackle your recruiting challenges on your own. M3 Placement and Partnership is here to help you address every area of your recruiting process. We become the storytellers for your organization, immersing ourselves in your brand and your story so that we can share why top talent would want to be part of your next exciting chapter. Reach out to us at if there is an area of your recruiting process that we can help you improve. 

Welcome to Kathy Rowe, VP of Business Development at M3

Leading area recruiting and executive search firm M3 Placement and Partnership is pleased to announce the appointment of Kathy Rowe to the role of Vice President of Business Development. Kathy will initiate strategic direction for M3 and develop business for the rapidly growing company. 

“I’m excited to be joining M3 as Vice President of Business Development,” said Rowe. “I’ve seen M3 expand with many new partners and industries over the last 10 years and been impressed with how the organization has increased its footprint throughout New York State.  I am looking forward to leveraging my expertise and developing additional strategic partnerships to steer M3 into the next chapter of growth.”   

“We are thrilled to welcome Kathy to the team” said Mary Malone McCarthy, Founder and CEO of M3 Placement and Partnership. “I am confident Kathy will spearhead strategic growth initiatives that continue to cultivate our foundational client partnerships, while also paving the way for future business.” 

Kathy brings over 35 years of experience in sales and marketing and is an accomplished business leader across several industries including healthcare, technology, and professional services. She is well known for her impact both in the Capital Region and throughout the Northeast as a business connector. 

During her leadership roles at IBM, Mayo Clinc and as a business owner, Kathy consistently grew revenue across clients, executed strategies for mutual growth, and led winning sales teams. Kathy had various roles at Mayo, most recently National Account Executive – Health System Development. At Mayo, she and her teams expanded access to Mayo’s expert clinical diagnostics and best healthcare practices to hospitals small and large throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, resulting in thousands of doctors being able to make better medical decisions and improve health outcomes. Kathy has received multiple awards and regional recognition for her sales achievements and dedication to helping and developing others.  

A graduate of Union College with a B.S. in Computer Science and Psychology, Kathy possesses a unique combination technical and personal skills. She is a consultant and educator and has founded and served on various non-profit boards in the health and technology industries. Kathy is based out of Albany, NY. 

3 ways to know if outsourcing your recruiting is right for you

For many hiring teams being stretched too thin has just become a part of the normal routine of things. But there is a better way. You can partner with a firm that specializes in the talent management process that will allow you to grow and succeed so you can focus on what’s most important.  

So, is outsourcing your recruiting efforts right for you?  

  1. Your HR or hiring team is overwhelmed or understaffed 
    If your team needs to hire for many roles but the task seems daunting, you may want to consider bringing on a partner who can help you to screen, interview, and place candidates for you.  
  1. You don’t have a hiring team and you are experiencing a high volume of growth.  
    We’ve been there. Your business is growing and now you’re in need of account managers, finance department support staff, marketing professionals, or a human resource professional. Don’t get stuck waiting for your schedule to open up to tackle these important roles. Extend your team with an outsourced recruiting firm. They’ll act as an extension of your team, reaching out to applicants on your behalf and creating an optimum candidate experience to ensure the best talent makes its way to your company.  
  1. You can’t give the attention you want to your hiring process 
    Today’s job market is competitive and the Society of Human Resource Management estimates that it costs around $4,500 per candidate to hire for a new position. If you don’t have time to customize a carefully crafted recruiting strategy you could be wasting your valuable dollars. A partner in outsourced recruiting will design a bespoke strategy tailored to your company’s goals, vision, purpose, and values to ensure only the best candidates finds their way to you.  

If these apply to you- we’d love to get to know you and create a custom plan to tackle your specific needs and challenges. Our services include a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to design a plan that’s right for you. Whether you need help for three months, six months, or indefinitely we can build a plan that helps you the top talent you need to succeed.  

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CenterState CEO’s Economic Champions Spotlight for July 2023 is M3 Placement and Partnership

CenterState CEO’s monthly Economic Champions Spotlight, sponsored by Solvay Bank, features members for their success, including adding jobs, expanding their products or services, gaining national recognition or contributing to the success of the region in special ways. For July, we are highlighting M3 Placement & Partnership. Read more here:

Capital Region Entrepreneurs Named as 2023 Small Business Person of the Year and Women in Business Champion in Upstate New York

Pictured: US Small Business Administration Upstate New York District Director Bernard J. Paprocki, Women in Business Champion Mary Malone McCarthy, Small Business Person of the Year Trent Griffin-Braaf, and US Small Business Administration Atlantic Regional Administrator Marlene Cintron.

SBA Regional Administrator, Upstate New York District Director awarded local businesses during National Small Business Week

ALBANY, N.Y. – The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Upstate New York District has awarded its 2023 Small Business Person of the Year Award to Mr. Trent Griffin-Braaf, owner of Tech Valley Hospitality Shuttle in Cohoes, NY and its 2023 Women in Business Champion Award to Mary Malone McCarthy to M3 Placement & Partnership in Albany, NY.

SBA Atlantic Regional Administrator Marlene Cintron and SBA Upstate New York District Director Bernard J. Paprocki presented the awards at the SBA Albany Office as part of National Small Business Week. They were joined by U.S. Representative Paul Tonko and Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy.

According to District Director Paprocki, the SBA Upstate New York District selected Trent Griffin-Braaf as Small Business Person of the Year not only for his success creatively pivoting his transportation business during the pandemic but also for his commitment to community service. Griffin-Braaf provides complimentary transportation to those in need and offers guidance to minority and women entrepreneurs.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Griffin-Braaf served a prison sentence and decided to change the direction of his life. He started Tech Valley Hospitality Shuttle in 2016 to serve people in the Greater Capital Region who might not otherwise have transportation. For example, the company helps workers get to their nighttime jobs after the bus stops running.

“As a small business owner, more specifically a Black small business owner, I’m happy to do the work in the community that we do. We believe the services we provide around transportation and logistics are important to the communities we aid. We take pride in being able to contribute to the local economy and provide job opportunities,” said Griffin-Braaf. “I personally feel a sense of satisfaction being an asset to our region, understanding in my youth I was more a liability, and now I get to right some of the wrongs I once did.”

Since its founding, Tech Valley Hospitality Shuttle has grown from a small office to a 1,500 square foot space with a parking lot. The pandemic interrupted the company’s consistent financial growth when the 2020 shutdown prevented many of Griffin-Braaf’s clients from attending normal activities. But again, Trent found opportunity in adversity and began offering transportation services for food and medical supplies.

Tech Valley Hospitality Shuttle also received an SBA Microloan in 2020 from Pursuit to refinance existing debt and fund working capital, helping the business retain employees. SBA Microloans are smaller-size loans provided through SBA funding intermediaries like Pursuit, which offers SBA business loans in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

In 2022, Tech Valley Hospitality Shuttle hired seven more employees and grew revenue 100 percent.

Mary Malone McCarthy was selected as SBA’s Women in Business Champion of the Year for her unwavering commitment to women entrepreneurs. As the founder and Chief Executive Officer of M3 Placement & Partnership, McCarthy has not only grown her own small business through leadership rooted in prioritizing people, but she also generously shares her experiences and personal connections with other woman founders. McCarthy serves as a thought leader in the business community, and her mentorship has been foundational to the success of many other woman-owned businesses.

“It is an honor to be recognized as the SBA Women in Business Champion and celebrate today’s recognition in honor of the many amazing female mentors I have had in my life, both personally and professionally, as well as the exceptional team at M3,” said McCarthy. “M3’s success is based in an unwavering commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering impactful results around recruiting and retaining top talent. We recognize the high importance of helping companies create a healthy, strong and vibrant workplace, which in turn impacts their ability to attract and retain great talent.  I am immensely grateful and energized by this honor and to have had the opportunity to mentor and celebrate the great success of so many other female leaders.”

McCarthy grew up in a family business and learned the singular importance of caring about people from her father, the CEO of a telecommunications company. She founded her company in 2012 on a people-first foundation, which shines through every aspect of her business and community work.

For example, M3 Placement & Partnership received an SBA COVID Economic Injury Disaster Loan and an SBA Paycheck Protection Program loan, which McCarthy used to develop free resources and support services for clients and individuals navigating the challenges of COVID.

Her approach not only allows her to do the right thing but also drives business success. Last year, McCarthy expanded her business from five to 15 employees, grew their service offering and doubled revenue, all while continuing to provide free coaching to entrepreneurs and giving back to her community.

SBA Upstate New York District Director Bernard J. Paprocki commended Griffin-Braaf and McCarthy for their small business success and dedication to their communities. “Our two winners today exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit we need for our region’s economic growth and resilience. Their commitment to running businesses rooted in their personal values has fostered success and growth of their own businesses and made an impact throughout the ecosystem and beyond,” he said. “Trent and Mary Malone have provided valuable mentorship to other minority and women entrepreneurs, helping them to start and grow new business and add even more jobs to the Capital Region. Their service and contributions to not only their fellow entrepreneurs but also to the entire community are what made their nominations stand out among the many we received this year.”

“I am thrilled to be in Albany to celebrate National Small Business Week and honor our award winners Trent Griffin-Braaf and Mary Malone McCarthy. The SBA is meeting small businesses where they are and this event allowed our best and brightest Upstate entrepreneurs to understand that this administration is investing in their businesses as they propel themselves and the nation forward,” said SBA Atlantic Regional Administrator Marlene Cintron, who oversees SBA in New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Upstate New York’s 2023 Small Business Person of the Year was selected from nominees across the district’s 34 counties. SBA Upstate New York provides small business owners with access to business counseling, capital, federal contracting programs and disaster assistance.

The Small Business Person of the Year Award is part of National Small Business Week, held this year from April 30 through May 6.


About National Small Business Week

For nearly 60 years, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation announcing National Small Business Week, which recognizes the critical contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.  More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year.  As part of National Small Business Week, the U.S. Small Business Administration takes the opportunity to highlight the impact of outstanding entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others from all 50 states and U.S. territories. Every day, they’re working to grow small businesses, create 21st century jobs, drive innovation, and increase America’s global competitiveness.

About the U.S. Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration makes the American dream of business ownership a reality. As the only go-to resource and voice for small businesses backed by the strength of the federal government, the SBA empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners with the resources and support they need to start, grow or expand their businesses, or recover from a declared disaster. It delivers services through an extensive network of SBA field offices and partnerships with public and private organizations. To learn more, visit

M3 Placement and Partnership is excited to announce the formation of its New Advisory Board

ALBANY, NY, MAY 2023—M3 Placement & Partnership, a leading provider of talent acquisition and strategic H.R. consulting services, announced the formation of its new Advisory Board, comprised of top leaders from some of the most recognized firms nationally.   The new Advisory Board will provide strategic expertise and guidance as M3 Placement & Partnership continues to expand and evolve.

Talent acquisition, particularly recruiting and retaining top talent has seen accelerated growth over the past two years with a high demand for a blended services model to address systemic issues within an organization. M3’s ability to support the multiple facets of talent acquisition through outsourced recruitment, strategy and executive search has been transformational for the many clients they serve.

Members of the newly formed Advisory Board represent a diverse group of business and industry experience.  Advisory Board members include:

  • Tara J. Agen:  HP Global Head and Vice President of Marketing Effectiveness, Strategic Planning, Operations, Marketing Technology.
  • Jim Carrick: Founder and past CEO of Polaris Library Systems, LPA Software Solutions and CommSource.  Current board member, Technology Leader, and Business Development advisor.
  • Harriet Harty: ADT, Executive Vice President, and Chief Administration Officer where she is responsible for Human Resources, Real Estate & Facilities, Corporate Security, Employee Health & Safety Compliance, and Business Continuity.
  • Donna Hughes, JD:  Hughes Solutions LLC, Founder and CEO previous CHRO for Emblem Health.
  • Blair Jones:  Semler Brossy, Managing Director. 30 years of experience in executive compensation consulting, primarily advising public company boards but also private and pre-IPO companies. Blair has extensive experience across the healthcare, retail, consumer products, automotive, and aerospace industries. She has deep expertise in advising boards on company transitions, significant investor concerns, and an expanding human capital management mandate.
  • Paul Moskowitz: Sysco. Retired Executive Vice President, Human Resources. Board and Member Advisor. Business Leader and Corporate Officer with deep experience in human capital strategies for the achievement of business goals.

In creating M3’s Advisory board, Mary Malone McCarthy, founder and CEO has said “We are taking the next step in M3’s long-term growth strategy while remaining steadfast to our commitment for an exceptional client experience. Members of our M3 Placement & Partnership Advisory Board are leaders in their industries, and we are confident they will make a significant contribution to M3’s current and future success.  I am very excited about this next chapter for M3 and grateful for the service and commitment of our advisory board members.”

To learn more about M3 Placement and Partnership and its advisory board, visit

M3 Placement and Partnership is a trusted partner in talent acquisition and executive searches and a guide in tackling the strategic human resource needs of companies of all sizes. At M3, we are on a mission to find better talent for the organizations we work with. We believe when superior talent is placed in key leadership roles, change is created to impact organizations and lives for the better, and that creates a better world.

# # #

M3 Placement and Partnership named a finalist in CenterState CEO 2023 Business of the Year Awards

CenterState CEO announced finalists for its 2023 Business of the Year awards. The awards celebrate member companies and organizations for their outstanding success and the role they play in strengthening the region. These companies and organizations have achieved significant growth, exemplified business leadership and have gone above and beyond in their commitment to our community. Finalists were selected from a highly competitive pool of nominations.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Digital Hyve, National Grid US and Oswego Health.

MORE THAN 50 EMPLOYEES: Air Innovations, King + King Architects and Mower Agency.

FEWER THAN 50 EMPLOYEES: American Fashion Network, Chimera Integrations and M3 Placement and Partnership.

NONPROFIT: Friends of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, On Point For College and Symphoria.

MINORITY-OWNED (In Partnership with the Upstate Minority Economic Alliance): Collins Barber & Beauty Shop LLC, JHP Industrial Supplies Co. and Melody’s.

Read more, here:

M3 Welcomes Jackie Walters as Director of Operations

M3 is pleased to welcome Jackie Walters to the role of Director of Operations. Jackie will lead the effort in supporting the company’s rapid growth, while caring for clients, the team, and the M3 brand.     

“I’m honored and proud to join M3” said Walters.  “Mary Malone and the M3 team have done an amazing job growing the business and staying true to their mission of finding the best talent for the organizations they work with.  I’m excited to start this next chapter of my career and look forward to working with the team to continue making a positive impact on people and organizations in our community.”  

“A highly respected collaborator and community leader, Jackie has proven expertise in establishing strong relationships and managing growth” said Mary Malone McCarthy, Founder and CEO of M3 Placement and Partnership.  “As M3 continues to expand we understood the importance of building our leadership team to assure we continue delivering a high touch and exceptional client experience.  Jackie’s experience combined with a determination to excel in our industry was a perfect fit and we are thrilled to welcome her to the M3 team.”

Jackie most recently served as the Director of the Clinton Chamber of Commerce where she was a driver of growth through increased memberships and exposure, and managed all operations, logistics, and networking for the organization.  An innovator of new programs and initiatives, she is uniquely experienced in understanding the fundamental needs of business owners while wearing multiple hats as a high-level administrator.  She is a graduate of Clarkson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, and held various engineering roles before serving as Chamber Director.  She and her family live in Clinton, NY. 

Why You Need Quality Candidates (not Quantity) to Meet Your 2022 Growth Objectives

When your company is executing on a plan to achieve aggressive growth goals, you’re sure to hit some obstacles along the way. In the unprecedented tight labor market that we’re experiencing right now, talent acquisition may be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome.

If you hope to achieve the ambitious objectives you’ve set for 2022, you need to think differently about how to attract the talent it takes to grow and thrive. One mindset that’s essential to leave behind is the idea that quantity is important when you’re evaluating job candidates.

When a Focus on Candidate Quantity is Harmful, Not Helpful  

For years, many search firms made a living pushing the idea that more is better when it comes to presenting candidates to employers. Some search firm contracts were even structured that way, promising to deliver a minimum number of candidates for each open position. The larger the search firm’s database of potential candidates, the more valuable they purport to be.

It’s what we at M3 refer to as the “spaghetti at the wall” approach: If you throw enough candidates at a company, something is likely to stick.

The problem is, it may not be the right candidate.

You might assume that if you have a stack of resumes from a company that’s been hired to help you fill a role, there must be a viable candidate in there. But that’s not necessarily the case. When you hire the best person out of the bunch—not the strongest fit for the job—you can run into a host of problems.

  • You might feel forced to choose a candidate who only fits the core requirements in your job description—and that’s not sufficient to ensure a good fit and a successful long-term outcome for either party.
  • You might sacrifice factors that are critical in matching the right person to the position, such as emotional intelligence or alignment with your culture. Let’s say you need to hire an engineer who will have to collaborate cross functionality to achieve his job objectives. If you only focus on finding someone with a great command of the technical aspects of the job and don’t assess their emotional intelligence, the odds of a successful experience will be low.
  • You might end up settling for a match that looks good on the surface but won’t work out long term. For example, a leader who has a track record of success heading up departments that are already working as well-oiled machines won’t necessarily succeed in an environment that is in a rebuild mode.

A difficult labor market is certainly a challenge for employers, but it shouldn’t get in the way of finding and hiring quality candidates. In fact, with turnover at alarmingly high levels, it’s even more important than ever to ensure you’re evaluating the best quality candidates. The better the candidate quality, the more likely the new hire will stay, perform at a high level, enjoy a positive work experience, and contribute to your growth objectives.

How the Right Search Partner Can Bring You Quality Candidates

High-growth companies can’t afford to make the wrong hires—whether it’s hiring a poor match for the job requirements or your culture, or candidates who didn’t realize exactly what they were getting into. That’s where the right search firm can help.

A search firm whose focus is candidate quality, not quantity, invests in a long-term relationship with your company. They become intimately familiar with your business, including your goals, challenges, and culture. And they become a partner who is equally committed to seeing you achieve your aggressive growth objectives. When those elements are in place, throwing quantity at the wall is replaced by a consultative approach that seeks to find the right fit for both the company and the candidate and achieve the best long-term outcome. 

What are the hallmarks of a search firm that’s committed to and skilled at presenting the best quality candidates for a position?

  • They seek to understand and align with your company mission, vision, and values. 
  • They take a long-term, relationship approach to working with you, not a short-term, transactional view.
  • They get to know the person behind the resume, including their personal story and how this individual will (or won’t) fit within your culture. When new hires don’t work out, about 70 percent of the time it’s because of a lack of cultural fit.
  • They do the heavy lifting for you, including the thorough, thoughtful homework it requires to find and present only the best fits.
  • They ask your hiring manager the right probing questions to understand your need beyond the core job description. For example: What pain points is your business facing which this new employee will have to work within or tackle? Is your private equity or venture capital ownership creating especially high expectations for growth? If you tell me a year later that this candidate turned out to be a great hire, what criteria will you base that on?
  • They ask potential candidates equally probing questions as part of the vetting process. For example: What are your short-term and long-term professional goals? Do you have experience leading a team in a hybrid live/virtual work environment?
  • They encourage their clients to use behavioral-based interviewing techniques to assess a candidate’s emotional intelligence, which is increasingly critical for many positions, especially those that will manage remote workers.

Choosing a search firm should be an immersive experience, one in which you walk away feeling like the company understands and connects with your brand and your story. If you’re trusting an external firm to find the individual contributors and leaders who will enable you to achieve the growth you envision, it needs to be a company that can convey your story just as vibrantly and accurately as your own CEO.

M3 takes a different approach to talent acquisition and executive search than most—one that results in better outcomes for employers and candidates alike. We become your partner, immersing ourselves in your business holistically so we can help you attract and retain the talent it takes to succeed as a high-growth business.

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