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M3 Launches New Model to Support Companies in Recruitment and Retention  

As companies face varying economic challenges, M3 Placement and Partnership is preparing to assist companies in their talent acquisition needs in a new way. This winter they are launching a strategic model for how companies can rely on M3 to assist in hiring for multiple positions while consulting on best practices and implementing strategic changes to improve retention numbers.  

M3 is launching three new monthly support packages, costing less than the average yearly salary for a talent acquisition professional. Instead of relying on one person to hold all the responsibilities of talent acquisition for a company, utilizing a recruiting firm gives companies access to expertise from a whole team of seasoned industry professionals. Building a customized monthly package allows clients to access concierge services from veteran recruiters and talent acquisition leaders. 

“With economic shifts expected in 2024 we know that securing top talent is more important now than ever before. The competition for top talent is at its highest in decades and with the right strategy and team behind you, companies can recruit and retain the talent they need to face the changing market and economic landscape,” says Mary Malone McCarthy, founder and CEO of M3.   

The M3 team encourages companies to lean on their highly experienced team to overcome struggles in recruiting and retaining top talent through one of their three customized packages offering recruiting services, retention engagement strategies, consulting and advising services, and employer brand development services.  

M3 has been a part of the Central New York business community for the past 12 years. They are a certified woman owned business and purpose driven organization that exists to create dynamic teams for organizations and find fulfilling careers for talent so that our communities may flourish together.