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Tara J. Agen || Retired HP Inc Executive ||

Tara J Agen has been at HP 29.5 years and is currently the Global Head and Vice President of HP marketing Strategic Planning, Operations, Marketing Technology (MarTech). In her role, she leads strategic corporate planning; Purchase to Pay Operations; Privacy/Consent/Cyber; Marketing Automation & Architecture; Content/Digital Asset and CRM Platform Services; Agency Strategy, Management and Governance; Marketing Lab–HP’s training & career path development experience for Marketing employees, and Marketing Audit, Cyber and M&A integration. She co-leads HP’s Industry Pillar to drive and deliver indirect supplier diversity and ESG focus for HP with Black/African American owned businesses and Black/African American supplier talent, a HP Board directed initiative and CEO driven MBO for his exec leadership (ELT) team. By CY22 end, the CEO and ELT will be at 136% of goal.

Prior to this position, she was Vice President and General Manager of the Personal Systems Displays and Accessories (D&A) global business unit. In the role, she was accountable for leading the Displays and Accessories business unit’s $36B market opportunity for HP. As General Manager, Tara managed portfolio creation and end-to-end business success in the 166 countries the portfolio’s products were marketed/sold in. Tara reinvented select D&A’s operations: business strategy for both organic & non-organic accelerated growth; adding a current business management function; elevating innovation through advanced engineering and delivering a breakthrough portfolio in a focused new product introduction way. The result of this reinvention grew business double digits two years in a row, including 16% topline and 34% bottom line growth in 2018.

Prior to running an HP Business, Agen was Personal Systems Chief of Staff and Executive Director running planning and operations for the $32 Billion business. Tara managed the day-to-day staff and employee engagement operations for the President and his Staff for 3500 employees. During this experience, she was able to help turnaround the $10 billion Consumer PC business as well as redesign the PC product lifecycle planning process.

Throughout her HP and Hewlett-Packard career history, she has held a variety of strategy, marketing, business management, operations, planning leadership roles across Print, PCs, Storage, and Servers. Her three most memorable breakthroughs include becoming an inventor of a patent for a unique computer accessory in both the U.S. (Patent # 11,160,341) and China in 2022 and 2016; building a unique bridge between HP and her community’s need to print more sustainably in Suffern, NY in 2008 and being on record as part of the start-up team that built the fastest growing $1billion business in Hewlett-Packard history, HP Pavilion PCs in 2006.