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At M3 Placement and Partnership, we believe in helping our clients from the inside out.

How do we do that? Start with people.

We are incredibly passionate about people, and the work that can be done in the workplace to be able to support individuals and their families. We help clients to change and grow their organization to meet their employees where they are in life. The result? Employees have confidence that their employer cares, and employers see more engaged, focused employees who are mutually invested in growing their business.

Starting the Conversation:

Start Simple:
In a time where people are so emotionally charged by many personal stressors like the health and safety of their families, their financial futures, the state of our world…the list goes on. A personal “check in” asking, ‘how are you doing?’ and ‘is there a way I can help?’,  goes a long way and will make a meaningful difference in the lives of your employees.

4 easy steps to start the conversation:

Step 1: Talk about it. Have a workplace culture where people feel safe to discuss mental wellness. Create an environment free of stigma where employees can talk openly about mental health, and do it regularly by finding what works for your business.

Step 2: Take the temperature by engaging an expert to facilitate and open up the conversation on mental health. Need help finding someone? Consult with your local Chamber of Commerce for a listing of mental health professionals in your area.

Step 3: Engage leaders to be authentic and lead with compassion. Now more than ever, emotional intelligence is being called upon. If you’re not even in that arena, start with Verb who offers plug and play collections on topics like emotional intelligence, mindfulness, conscious management and more.

Step 4: Give access to help by offering some simple, accessible solutions like online therapy through Lyra or meditation through Headspace. Don’t stress about implementing a major program or campaign, just let your employees know what your plan is to support them!

Mary Malone McCarthy || President and CEO, M3 Placement and Partnership

We have a responsibility as servant leaders and as organizations to give people the tools and to open that conversation to let people know that there’s a place to go that they can feel safe. 

Ready for the next steps?

Let us help you develop a holistic mental wellness approach. Download our FREE Mental Wellness eBook! Start Here: Mental Health in the Workplace eBook


People are the foundation of guiding where your business goes.

What is the current, most significant issue facing people and organizations globally? Mental Wellness.

Now more than ever, business leaders are taking a truly holistic approach, much different than you would see in the past. They are taking the lead to foster an environment of taking care of their employees by offering support for overall wellness, including mental health.