Treating your executive search like it’s our own- from role conception to placement.

A comprehensive approach to serving you

We are passionate about utilizing our team’s unique and comprehensive skillset to create a custom approach to each executive search

Our executive search process

No two executive searches look the same at M3. We spend time getting to know your organization from all levels of the organization, learning about your culture, and understanding how you want to make an impact on your clients, your community, and the world.

Finding a conscious leader with a long term view

Our experience across industries and with companies of all sizes gives us extensive background and resources we’ll call on to create a customized talent acquisition process that is right for you.

Guidance in approach and execution

Before launching your search our team can help you develop the role necessary to fill the leadership gaps your team is missing. And once the role is developed, we’ll be there to help you build the recruitment package needed to land the talent you want.

A focus in filling executive leadership roles

Experience our team’s expertise in leadership recruitment for companies from startups to large corporations throughout the nation

  • President / Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief People Officer

  • Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Chief Information Officer

  • Vice President of Marketing & Communications

  • Vice President of Sales

Thought Leadership Highlights

What Our Clients Say

  • Christina Carroll || HealtheConnections
  • Blair Jones || Semler Brossy Consulting Group, LLC
  • Nicholas Alger || Managing Director of Operations, Workforce, Technology, and Facilities, NYSTEC
  • Amanda Monthie || Plug Power
  • Gar Grannell || Mohawk Global
  • Alan Leist
  • Christina Carroll || HealtheConnections

    We are incredibly mission driven, so finding individuals who are the right fit for our culture is the most important part of our talent acquisition strategy. Finding the right recruiting partner was no different! M3 immediately understood our culture and team and goals, even new hires thought M3 had been working with us for years. That’s how well they knew us and were able to represent us. We consider partners like M3 a part of the team – they even have a place on our org chart. Their commitment to understanding who we are and what our needs are is the best part of working with them.

  • Blair Jones || Semler Brossy Consulting Group, LLC

    The M3 team is incredibly action oriented in their efforts to get to know us - from the start of our engagement they really wanted to understand what differentiates us so that they could be a better advocate for us in hiring the right people. Even once the candidates were hired they followed up with them again to make sure it was a good fit and later down the road, they celebrated the promotions and advancements of those candidates within our organization. It feels like their team is really part of our team. 

  • Nicholas Alger || Managing Director of Operations, Workforce, Technology, and Facilities, NYSTEC

    We have very strong values at our organization and we really wanted to partner with a company that had similar values and cultural alignment for our specific HR needs. The professionals at M3 that we have worked with over the course of the last few years have been professional, personable, and highly knowledgeable. They have brought a lot of expertise to the table and have integrated with our own team internally, developing strong relationships and bonds with our team. No matter what the HR challenge has been, Mary Malone and her team can always align us with someone who has that expertise we need.

  • Amanda Monthie || Plug Power

    The M3 team has spent so much time with us- finding out what’s important to us and our culture- in order to find us new talent. They use their expertise to guide and advise us to make great business and talent decisions, which allows us to take our organization to the next level. The team has a down to earth, authentic communication style and they have blended so well with our TA group that we truly think of them as an extension of our team. They are genuinely good people who put their customers and clients first and make sure you really are taken care of. It’s a pleasure to work with such a people driven organization.

  • Gar Grannell || Mohawk Global

    When we were searching for a new executive leader, we had ideas for our position and, after talking with Mary Malone we were able to create a position that served our company in a much more holistic way centered in our vision, purpose, and core values. Mary Malone and I both have a passion for Conscious Capitalism so she was able to take this and what she knew of my leadership philosophy and our company culture and add another dimension. So much of M3 comes from Mary Malone’s heart, she believes passionately about the work that she does and the team she leads. Her team is so authentic about caring about people and for people.

  • Alan Leist

    As we have grown, finding new talent has been a top priority, especially finding talent that is also a cultural fit. Mary Malone and the M3 team have been personally invested in our success. They have such a high level of care for our team and our success- they truly act as an advocate for our organization. As an expert in human resources, they have led, managed, developed, and encouraged our professionals. We were honored to be voted as a best place to work in the country for financial service providers our size. We attribute that in no small part to our partnership with Mary Malone and M3.