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M3 Placement and Partnership grows as top recruiting firm in New York

Over the past five years M3 Placement and Partnership, a leading recruiting firm based out of New York, has doubled in size. In addition to their financial success, they have been awarded a Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise recertification from the state of New York as well as the Upstate New York District Small Business Administration’s Women in Business Champion of the Year award for their CEO’s unwavering commitment to women entrepreneurs.

“We attribute this growth to our integrated services model that looks to understand the root causes of a company’s challenges and our highly talented team’s dedication to delivering exceptional customer service. Whether a company is in a stage of transition or high-growth, or they’re searching for stability during a fluctuating market, we’re able to help companies thrive with the talent they need to achieve their long-term vision. At the end of the day, all companies start and end with the right people in the right positions. Investing in a trusted partner to help you find and retain those people is the best way to tackle the issues that keep leaders up at night,” says Mary Malone McCarthy, CEO and Founder of M3.

The M3 team is very proud to be nestled within the communities of upstate New York. The majority of the team of 20 lives and works within Albany, Rochester, Utica, and Saratoga. They are thrilled to be able to recruit talent from the vibrant communities of our region. “Our philosophy is to learn the why behind each company, understanding not just the needs of the position but also the strategy and vision behind the decisions that have made the company who it is today. Because of this philosophy, we’ve attracted some incredibly talented experts that really want to be a part of this growth journey with us and are thrilled to match top talent with the top talent of our region,” says McCarthy.

The company, founded in 2012, has seen an unprecedented increase in their client portfolio since opening their doors. Over the past two years alone they have placed over 60 individuals in executive and direct search positions and over 800 individuals through their outsourced recruitment process service. Many of their clients utilize a combination of services to meet their business needs and strategically grow as an organization.

“My father was an entrepreneur, mentor and an incredible guiding force in my life.  From an early age he taught me to care passionately for your team, customers, and community while living by the phrase ‘do a little more, a little better every day’.  Much of my success today is based on those life lessons and the exact philosophy I’ve applied to M3. We have so many repeat clients that seek out our services year after year, in addition to our ever-growing list of new clients, many of whom we become connected with via referrals from current clients. In a time when the economy has been so uncertain, I think this really speaks to how much companies rely on a trusted partner to help them find talent they can navigate these uncertain waters with,” says McCarthy.

M3 is a strong believer in conscious capitalism, citing their reason for existing as a company is to create dynamic teams for organizations and to find fulfilling careers for our talent so that our communities may flourish together. The team at M3 strives to put their stakeholders, including their clients, team, candidates, and community, at the heart of all they do.