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Recruiting with a twist: Recruiting + Advisory Services

When you think about a “recruiting firm” you probably have one thing that comes to mind: a firm that specializes in helping you fill open positions at your company.  

Twelve years ago, our founder and CEO Mary Malone McCarthy knew that was the widely held perception in the business community, so she set out to change that. She believed that a recruiting firm could be so much more, which is why she built advisory services into every client contract she offers through her company, M3 Placement and Partnership.  

How we recruit and advise:  

We fill open positions at your company while evaluating your current recruiting and hiring processes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness and sharing the best practices you need to grow a strong and vibrant talent acquisition department or function.  

Our recruiting and advisory process:

Step 1: We review your current processes and procedures 
Step 2: We evaluate the effectiveness of your current processes and procedures against your hiring goals and timelines  
Step 3: We create customized presentations for your team to showcase and highlight the areas that could use improvement and offer direct step by step instructions to do so  

Why we recruit and advise:

We’re passionate about improving the recruiting and hiring experience for our clients and their candidates. We believe that the most effective relationship is a partnership, and we know that a partnership focuses not just on the short-term recruiting goals of a company (i.e. hiring for open positions) but also the long-term goals (e.g. fixing chronic issues in recruitment and talent acquisition).  

What kind of outcomes do our clients see? 

Our clients, like long-term care facilities, biotech centers, professional services companies, and nonprofit organizations, often see improvements in their: 

  • Hiring procedures and timelines  
  • Standard operating procedures  
  • Screening processes  
  • Hiring manager trainings  
  • Job descriptions 
  • Job application system effectiveness  
  • Online job platform posting effectiveness  
  • Talent acquisition department and hiring manager cooperation and collaboration  

Please reach out to us at to learn more about how we can partner with you to build a stellar recruitment process that keeps candidates engaged from start to finish and speeds up your hiring timelines.