Rebecca Hayes || Talent Acquisition Associate

Rebecca Hayes strives to make candidates feel comfortable and give them an opportunity to shine. She is excited to be the first point of contact for the candidates in the hiring process and have them look forward to the next steps. She believes that working at M3, she will have the opportunity to create this environment for potential candidates as well as the organizations we are working with. 

Rebecca has worked in a variety of settings and positions. Her ability to adapt to new situations with different people and different ways of tackling challenges is one of her greatest strengths. She most enjoys learning about people, their motivations, company aspirations so she can make herself the most valuable asset within an organization and help them achieve their goals.   

Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family and her cat, Junshin. She also loves painting, drawing, embroidery, upholstery, and sewing, as well as getting lost in an art museum for the day! She also work at a coffee shop, so naturally, is a huge coffee and tea fan, and knows quite a bit about traditional Japanese tea ceremony.