Nicole Jandreau || Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant

Nicole’s strengths are building relationships, developing rapport, and executing the task at hand efficiently and timely. Her expertise really comes from the fact that she has been the person in this position before. She has been the person looking for her next role so she can relate and understand what that really means for someone in their search. She has also been the recruiter and understands what the managers are looking for and how to tap into that with candidates. She has been told managers do not worry when she is their recruiter because they know the job will get done to their expectations. She feels proud that she is trusted and looked at as a positive resource for those she serves.

Nicole tries to meet the person where they are at, whether it’s a candidate or hiring manager. It’s important to understand everyone is different and she can be flexible to their needs and wants while advising and helping in multiple ways. She is adaptable, strategic, hard-working, and fun!

Her three favorite things are her two wonderful kids, to laugh and to travel. Her goal is to travel to all 7 continents. She has been to four so far. Her most favorite travel to date was Hawaii. She was fortunate enough to have traveled to Oahu for a friend’s wedding and fell in love with the island, culture, and people. It’s a magical place and she cannot wait to go back!

She is excited to work at M3 Placement and Partnership because she is interested in doing more for her clients. She wants to not only provide recruitment services for them, but to provide strategic partnerships through advisement and HR services. She wants to be a trusted advisor and resource of knowledge so they can learn, while fulfilling their recruitment needs.