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Go beyond filling positions

M3 goes beyond placement to offer a suite of services designed to help you create effective first impressions as you immerse talent into your culture, develop their potential, support their move to a new community and help them grow on their team and in their career.

Employment Branding

Candidates focus on culture, and so do we. In fact, it’s the foundation of everything we do. To distinguish you as an employer of choice we need to uncover and communicate the experience of day-to-day life at your organization.

Our comprehensive approach to employment branding includes a CultureTalk for Organizations assessment, the creation of a culture profile and advertising messages and graphics that truly differentiate your company and tell its unique story. This authentic and transparent reflection of your culture is also the key to recognizing right-fit candidates that will embrace a position on your team, engaging your people and cultivating high performers.

Interview Experience

First impressions are pivotal – and its imperative employers recognize that this applies both ways. M3 will assess your current interview experience, breaking it down from both the interviewer and candidate perspective. We’ll help you to create a process and flow that demonstrate the nuances of your culture and highlight the strengths of your team. Experience shows that effective interviewing demands a prescribed process, training and practice – and we provide our employer partners all three. So after we curate the best slate of candidates, you are primed to conduct superior interviews and make offers with confidence.

“New hires are 69% more likely to stay at a company for 3 years if they were part of a well-structured onboarding program.” Rosemary Haefner, CHRO, Career Builder

Onboarding Programs

After a top candidate accepts an offer, it is not time to slow down. The beginning of a new employment relationship requires focused attention and statics show that employers who invest in onboarding realize significant gains in retention and enable new employees to become more productive quickly.

M3 accelerates integration at every level through plans to support the important transition to a new job or organization, paying special attention to communication, cultural immersion, and team building. For executive-level positions, the stakes are even higher. Our offers include coaching, CultureTalk workshops to build a deep understanding of colleagues and direct reports, and facilitation tools to address development goals and address challenges before they become conflicts.

Retention Strategies

The LinkedIn 2018 Workplace Learning Report shares that 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development. Statistics like this are expensive to ignore.

At M3, we believe that strong retention is a secret weapon for recruiting, and when you develop your current employees the word gets out. We begin with projects to help you cultivate a stronger culture, then help to develop a CultureCode that engages and motivates your team. We teach you to use these assets to guide decision-making across your enterprise and promote and protect your reputation.

Coming from a position of strength, we conduct focus groups to enhance engagement and offer training programs to develop leaders and their teams. We conduct ‘stay interviews’ to understand what you’re doing right and create performance management strategies and programs customized for the way you pay and promote.

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