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Success looks different in every organization.

Today’s workplace brings new demands. Business disruption has become the norm as companies respond to stiff competition for talent and changes in employee expectations. M3 helps you design your operation to keep pace. Setting the stage for success in HR begins with understanding who you are at an organizational level, setting clear expectations for performance and structuring your team to meet strategic goals.

We are CultureTalk Certified

Everyone is talking about culture. Only when you measure the behaviors, attitudes, and expectations that operate under the surface can you effectively manage your culture and lead your team.

M3 is powered by CultureTalk and conducts culture assessments using this proven framework. We quickly bring everyone onto the same page and provide a common language to align strategies and goals with desired behaviors. The results of your culture assessment provide a baseline that informs projects from organization design to team alignment, employment brand and recruiting and retention strategies.

Change Management

The ability to respond to change is a critical skill and it can be taught. Whether you are adopting new approaches, systems, and structures, looking to create a culture shift or integrating people and processes through M&A, we can help.M3 equips and supports individuals and groups to make transitions. We use the results of a CultureTalk baseline culture assessment to understand your starting point. The results identify the best ways to move forward as well as areas of caution and obstacles to overcome. Because change ultimately rests with individuals, we use CultureTalk for Individuals assessments and trainings to align your team’s responsibilities with strengths and understand how to overcome the natural hesitancy to change.

Organization Design

The design of your organization should align with its purpose and strategy. M3 is poised to help you assess your current organization design and evolve toward more effective solutions as we integrate your people with core business processes, technology, and systems. We explore key questions such as:

  • Should you organize around functions, processes, customer-types, technologies, or geographies?
  • How many people does it takes to deliver your products or services?
  • Are service lines streamlined for efficiency?
  • Are reporting matrices in sync with service delivery?
Job Competencies

Job descriptions are just the beginning when it comes to recruiting. M3 creates detailed employee competencies that define the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors critical for success in every position. We dig into the details, uncovering both tangible qualifications and the intangible mindsets that make or break success. The result is great-fit hires vs. expensive misfires – saving your organization tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity and onboarding expenses.

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