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When The Pace Of Change Is Constant, You Need A Steady Hand.

M3 Placement & Partnership knows employers are faced with competing priorities, shifting talent landscapes and customer demands. Our experience guiding employers through these challenges has made us a reliable partner who creates meaningful and sustainable workplace solutions. Your company needs an exceptional team to ensure the greatest possible success. When it’s time to bring someone new on board, you need a talent acquisition firm that will find the very best fit for your company’s culture. You need a firm that will find the right people to take you into the future, and help you flourish.

We’ll work with you to maximize strategy, leverage resources and steer projects so your objectives and growth stay on track.

Our robust employer portfolio spans multiple sectors, industries and geographies. From corporate to non-profit, boutique to large, we are equipped with the expertise and confidence to navigate an array of workplace needs.

Executive Search

Let M3 spearhead your leadership search.

Candidate Placement

We know finding the right person is all about relationships.

Organizational Strategy

Today’s workplace brings new demands.

Recruitment and Retention

Candidates focus on culture, and so do we.

Talent Solutions

Enhance workplace standards and success.

We Enhance Connection

We’re nimble and our employer projects reflect our ability to meet you where you are and provide what you need. We deliver outplacement programs during times of restructuring and uncertainty. We coach professionals through our Accompanying Partner Program. We vet vast amounts of talent to source the perfect candidate.


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We exceed your expectations by doing a little more, a little better, each and every day

When you align with M3 Placement & Partnership, you can be certain we are invested in your needs from project start to finish. Whether a high-level executive placement or professional development training for your staff, we regard each project as an opportunity to move the needle toward your defined goals.

Whether we are placing a mid to senior level position or an entry level, administrative role, we commit to a thorough vetting of candidates. M3 Placement & Partnership will never force fit or sacrifice quality to make a placement.

M3 Placement & Partnership guarantees our employer partners unwavering commitment and relentless determination in all of our projects and services. Honesty, diligence and exceptional follow-through guide us and contribute to our shared successes.

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