Denise Hash recognizes that a single executive placement can touch every aspect of a business. She knows how career moves at the executive level can impact every aspect of life, both professional and personal. When the stakes are this high, it pays to have someone with her experience as your guide. As Executive Placement Consultant at M3, she applies knowledge gained as chief operating officer for a small business and nearly twenty years in business development for major oil companies.

Denise has spent her career building relationships. So she understands that the connection between a candidate and their colleagues at a new company are integral to success, and that culture fit is critical. She applies attention to the finer details of every opportunity, bringing business development, strategic planning, personnel development, operational planning, and sales and marketing skills to her role.

Her focus is both regional and national.She is actively involved in the Mohawk Valley Chamber of Commerce and has intimate knowledge of the region and community. Her national connections were honed with major corporations as she oversaw sales, distribution and dispatch across a number of US states.

In her free time, Denise enjoys playing golf, entertaining, traveling and spending time with her husband, two children and three grand children.