Donelle Wright

Donelle Belway Wright || Senior Consultant ||

Donelle brings to executive and leadership coaching her passion for development and her skills as a global business partner and advisor.  Her coaching experience has led her to work with sales and manufacturing organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 companies.   She has designed and supported integral coaching programs for both emerging and experienced leaders from Executive Vice President to individual contributor while working to build leadership capacity for both the current and future needs of an organization.   She designed coaching programs including 360 degree assessment, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Clifton Strengthsfinder, values clarification articulation, and life and career planning.   She believes that satisfaction and success as a leader follows balance and integration of all aspects of one’s life.

As a coach, Donelle integrates each person’s unique goals with the needs of the organization, building on strengths, identifying and developing new capacity to address areas of development, and creating sustainable skill in navigating change whether personal or professional.

Donelle has worked as a human resource executive with global Fortune 100 companies for 25 years.   During that time, she held positions at the regional, national, and world-wide level.    Her expertise in team and leadership development directed her toward new and emerging businesses where she designed and led culture development initiatives. She has built a reputation for designing and implementing world-wide change initiatives with leadership teams in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.   Her understanding and leadership in the area of diversity and inclusion included developing initiatives in many of her businesses, most recently in the area of implicit bias.

Donelle received her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from St. Lawrence University and a Master of Education degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Vermont.   A life-long learner, Donelle has completed extensive studies in adult learning and development, counseling, team development, leadership development, and coaching. Currently, Donelle is a certified Professional Coach with New Ventures West.  She loves music, gardening, and travel with her family.