Caitlin Farrand || Senior Consultant

Sr. Account Manager LPA Software Solutions, a Converge Company

LPA provides business analytics solutions and professional services in analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, financial performance management, data governance, data integration, location analytics, and data sets. Designated as one of the full-service IBM Platinum Partners that sells, understands, and implements IBM Business Analytics software, LPA proudly supports hundreds of clients and numerous successful implementations across multiple industries. If you need expertise in data analytics visioning, creating a Human Capital Management dashboard, or working through understanding your financial performance management data, LPA is our trusted partner. 

Quote on Workforce EQ:  
It’s a critical time for employers to fully understand their organization due to the changing landscape that we’re in, including a split generation workforce, workforce changes due to COVID19, and more demands from employees, to name a few. Workforce EQ is a great solution to help these organizations meet the challenges of today equipping them with tools to help make their organizations flourish.