Your Guiding Compass

Have you ever had a dream that stirs in your soul just waiting for the moment to take flight? Starting M3 was a dream that was in my fabric since I was a little girl, similar to an itch that just never settled down. I dreamed about the possibilities of taking a concept to reality, but more importantly, impacting other people’s lives—or better yet, an organization. I envisioned a guiding compass which would impact not only the M3 team but those we encountered, whether clients or candidates.

In 2012, I created a company grounded on values that are the essence of everything we do. They are truly our “guiding compass”. Values that create a meaningful experience the moment you encounter M3. I envisioned a firm that created endless opportunities for both companies and candidates alike, in an environment that was both nurturing and professional. Where people could share their story and companies could share their vision and/or challenges at hand. I wanted a firm where people felt that their needs were taken seriously, and their voice was valued, where they were never a number or an afterthought. Where they felt they had a committed partner as they embarked on their search. M3 is far from your traditional staffing firm, and I am incredibly proud to stand by that vision.

Launching our new website has brought renewed excitement and gratification to our team, allowing us to showcase our signature services while introducing new client and candidate programs. The process proved to be a valuable exercise in helping us refresh our core values and determine where we want to stand in the realm of staffing services and how we will get there. Most importantly, how we will leave a lasting impact on our clients and candidates.  We want to be your guiding compass and leave a lasting impact.

In today’s world of constant innovation and disruption, core values can guide you through the best and most tumultuous of times. In the workplace, we are challenged to lead with a strong compass that is continuously confronted with day-to-day issues. These values can serve as an individual’s or organization’s foundation—their heart and soul. We refer to these values as a Guiding Compass and lean on them to steer us in the right direction.

At M3, our Guiding Compass is comprised of core values steeped in the concept of Exceptional Talent. This philosophy is the foundation of all we do and some of our values include:

  • We are committed to asking the probing questions, proceeding with integrity, and always finding the optimal solution for our clients and candidates.
  • We facilitate the development of meaningful, effective relationships that last for years to come.
  • We exceed your expectations by doing a little more, a little better, each and every day.

Workplace success and fulfilment are dependent upon the Guiding Compass for both organizations and individuals.

As an organization, what are the core values that lead your team and propel your projects?

As an employee, what are the core values that help you navigate career challenges and explore the countless opportunities to come?

For both our clients and candidates, M3 is ready to help guide your way!

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