Derrick Suehs EdD

I’m very pleased that I made the call to M3 Partnership & Placement. There was good chemistry. They seemed very interested in me, and you want someone on your side to help. I felt that M3 would represent me. With the larger companies I had worked with, I became a number, whereas with M3 the relationship is on a much more personal level.

If other people in a similar situation as mine asked me about the process and what placement service I went through, I would tell them there were several – but ultimately I chose the one that was on my side. M3 is interested in you, they help coach you, and they have discipline and compassion. I was very happy with the decision I made, and they helped prepare me for my new position. They helped me understand what the organization I had joined was like, and what they were looking for. Afterward, they followed up
with me to see how everything was going.

I just can’t emphasize the emotional commitment they have to you. For them, it isn’t just a business transaction. The feeling of being cared for and helped during that time of uncertainty was, for me, very important. If I ever found myself in need of employment, they’d be the first organization I’d call. And, I’m sure they’d say, “We’re so glad you called. We’re here for you.” They really work for you.