Amy Dewan

M3 has assisted RCIL with the recruitment of our COO and Director of Training, and is currently helping to recruit a Director of Quality and Compliance. Mary Malone and Paige have also conducted informative supervisor workshops for RCIL with regards to effective interview practices.

M3 has made the recruitment process a pleasant experience for RCIL. They take the pressure away from our agency. Their resources allow them to match the ideal candidates with our roles. Mary Malone and her team go above and beyond in providing superior customer service to their clients and applicants. From the signing of the contract to the multiple follow-ups with placed individuals and clients, their sincere and first-class services make them unique.

We would highly recommend M3 because beyond having excellent qualifications and performance in placement and consulting, they genuinely care about the people they work with. The M3 team takes the time to listen to the needs of their clients to ensure a full understanding of what is important and to meet their clients’ goals.