Alicia Dicks

We chose M3 Placement & Partnership upon the recommendation of some of our board members who had worked with Mary Malone previously, and because they are local. We are the Community Foundation, so we try to do everything as locally as we can, when we can. Everything a national search company would have been able to afford us, she was able to address and access.

Mary Malone and her team were very thorough. They stayed in touch, and walked us through the process from start to finish. They didn’t overwhelm us with checkpoints, but kept in touch with us the right amount to keep us engaged and informed. It was a very fluid process.

You have to have a lot of trust in the search firm you choose to screen candidates. M3 was careful and
thoughtful, and very timely in not just their response but also in information sharing. They treat people
well and are respectful. The personal touch M3 provided was important to us.