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Exciting things are happening here at M3 Placement & Partnership!
2015 has been off to an incredible start, and we are pleased to announce the beginning of the M3 blog! With our philosophy of doing a little more, a little better, each and every day, we hope that clients and job seekers alike can benefit from the information that we share here- whether it be through insightful and thought-provoking articles or updates on M3 happenings.

What’s New at M3?

M3 Placement & Partnership is celebrating our fourth year of business! We have made numerous placements in the past four year, in a span of industries including administration, human resources, finance, executive management, and professional temporary placement. We are proud of the impeccable service and grateful for the meaningful relationships with our clients and candidates. The M3 team is looking forward to expanding our business and services in the years to come!

In 2012, New York State awarded M3 Placement & Partnership with the MWBE certification. As an MWBE, we are able to serve an expanded population here in New York State, and can help organizations interested in obtaining government funding or fulfilling state requirements.

We at M3 pride ourselves on top-notch direct placements, and have recently directed increased efforts towards temporary and contract work. With notable success stories already, our goal is to continue to expand this service to our clients.

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