Career Placement

temp staffingBefore we place you, we position you.

We want you to be confident in your decision to work with an executive search firm. We view our candidates as individuals with innovative ideas and valuable talents.

Through deep dive interviews and conversations, we are able to discern your professional and personal attributes in order to match you to our employer criteria. We go beyond your resume and ask thoughtful and sometimes probing questions to get a true sense of who you are.

  • Why are you looking to move out of your current role?
  • What do you value in a work environment?
  • Describe a situation you feel you should have handled differently.

As a CultureTalk Certified partner, we can offer an individual assessment that quickly uncovers the attitudes, behaviors and soft skills that never show up on your resume but are important differentiators that make you the perfect match for an employer.

We encourage you to consider our screening process as an opportunity to learn about yourself. Your career search should be an exhilarating journey into a rewarding new phase in your life. M3 Placement & Partnership can lead you there.

Hear about the M3 Difference from some of our exceptionally talented former candidates

“I’m very pleased that I made the call to M3 Partnership & Placement. There was good chemistry. They seemed very interested in me, and you want someone on your side to help. I felt that M3 would represent me. With the larger companies I had worked with, I became a number, whereas with M3 the relationship is on a much more personal level.

If other people in a similar situation as mine asked me about the process and what placement service I went through, I would tell them there were several – but ultimately, I chose the one that was on my side. M3 is interested in you, they help coach you, and they have discipline and compassion. I was very happy with the decision I made, and they helped prepare me for my new position. They helped me understand what the organization I had joined was like, and what they were looking for. Afterward, they followed up with me to see how everything was going.

I just can’t emphasize the emotional commitment they have to you. For them, it isn’t just a business transaction. The feeling of being cared for and helped during that time of uncertainty was, for me, very important. If I ever found myself in need of employment, they’d be the first organization I’d call. And, I’m sure they’d say, “We’re so glad you called. We’re here for you.” They really work for you.”

-Derrick Suehs, EdD, Assistant Vice President, Quality and Outcome Management, MVHS  


“M3 Placement & Partnership was able to give both professional and personal advice in placing me at my current role with Strategic Financial Services. Not only were they able to set up an interview for the specific field I was interested in, they were able to give practical advice on where to live and how to be involved in the local community.

Talent Manager Paige Treen addressed all my concerns when I applied to my current role. She went above and beyond in providing me with the knowledge and direction that helped me adjust to the local area. As I had moved to a new city and was unfamiliar with the local environment, her advice on practical issues was especially important.

I would be happy to recommend M3 to any of my friends or former coworkers, as I think they can advance their career track and meet their goals through working with them. They are by far the most caring and dedicated placement service I have ever worked with.”

-Financial Research Analyst


“I had a very positive experience working with the team at M3; in particular, Mary Malone McCarthy. I felt supported, informed and challenged to be my very best while seeking a new career opportunity.

Never before in a job search have I felt as confident walking into an interview. She works not only for the company seeking a candidate, but also coaches and supports the candidate. I share often about my very positive experience.

I respect and admire Mary Malone McCarthy and the team of quality professionals she has surrounded herself with to move forward. I believe she has incredible integrity and the respect of the community at large.”

-Chief Executive Officer, Not-for-Profit