Talent & Workplace Solutions

Recruiting and Retention Strategies

The cost of a bad hire can be as much as $240,000*.  This cost includes not only the direct costs of recruiting but also the indirect costs such as reduction in productivity, negative impact on existing team and loss of customers. M3 goes beyond a one size fits all approach to provide a thorough examination of ‘the current’ to deliver a customized, strategic plan and supporting tool kit to help you effectively find and bring in that sought after new talent.

Outplacement & Career Transition Programs

Companies are recognizing the ROI when they provide their employees with outplacement and career transition programs.  Whether transitioning employees to new positions within your company or providing assistance to individuals that have been affected by a reduction in force, outplacement and career transition services can improve corporate image and employee retention while reducing liability and unemployment costs. M3 offers customized, high-touch programs designed to meet your needs and those of your employees.  Services range from training for managers to group and one-on-one coaching sessions for employees.

M3 is committed to creating customized programs and strategies for sustainable growth and will help elevate your employee initiatives.

Accompanying Partner Programs

Enhance your recruitment initiatives by offering Professional Pathways: Accompanying Spouse/Partner Program as a unique offering to your leadership hires. Your new hires and their family member will have access to a team of experts who specialize in the areas of recruiting, career coaching and community resources.


Companies with an engaging onboarding program retained 91% of their first year workers**. M3 knows that in order for the best synergy to occur, effective onboarding has to happen for both the new talent and the current team. We’ll work with you to develop a defined plan to help you bring your new talent on board, creating an experience that’s welcoming for all and ultimately support employee and company growth.

Professional Development and Training

M3 is a dedicated partner in the design and facilitation of professional development and training sessions for your employees. From small to large groups, M3 is able to deliver industry insight and guidance that will help you enhance workplace standards and success.

Sample areas include:

  • Interviewing Best Practices for Hiring Manager
  • Professional Protocol and Office Essentials
  • Communication Fundamentals

*Based on a publication posted by the Society of Human Resources Management circa 2017.

**Based on a publication presented by the Society for Human Resources Management circa 2010.