onboardingCompanies with an engaging onboarding program retained 91% of their first year workers*. Like any team, many different personalities make up a company, so when a new one is introduced to the mix, it can be challenging—but it doesn’t have to be. M3 Placement & Partnership knows that in order for the best synergy to occur, effective onboarding has to happen for both the new talent and the current team.

We’ll work with you to develop a defined plan to help you effectively bring your new talent on board, creating an experience that’s welcoming for all.

We help by introducing new hires to your organizational culture and mission, so they successfully align with your current team and assimilate into their new role. We facilitate this orientation for you, creating the framework for your new talent to feel prepared and empowered. At the same time, we’ll help your team welcome your new hire, developing a comfort level with them and introducing them to your mission.

At M3 Placement & Partnership, we believe in the power of relationships. The success of your new team member, as well as your company, strongly hinges on committed, mutually beneficial relationships. Effective onboarding helps people clearly understand company culture and allows naturally occurring, positive interactions between employees. This leads to career excellence, increased performance, and inevitably, company growth.

M3 helps maximize your onboarding experience, and is committed to your greatest success.

*Based on a publication presented by the Society for Human Resources Management circa 2010.