Direct Placement

direct searchYou might say we’re matchmakers. We believe in the power of incredible chemistry between both clients and candidates; one that will lead to greater things for both parties, and help our clients succeed beyond their expectations. At M3 Placement & Partnership, we know that successful placements are about seeing beyond the veneer of a position and thoroughly understanding an organization’s specific needs, mission and culture. Equally as important are a candidate’s goals, personality and skill set.

The magic is in finding that right match, resulting in a natural synergy between an organization and a candidate.

We partner with you as you search for new talent, all with the understanding that your direct search is unique. As such, we provide you with an unparalleled experience. We form a relationship with you by immersing ourselves in your mission, culture, differentiators, needs and goals. We integrate our mindset with that of your company, and with that outlook we seek candidates who meld with your needs and aspirations.

When we find talent that blends perfectly with your company, we present them to you personally, creating an atmosphere of trust and comfort right from the get-go. We will facilitate the screening, interviewing and hiring process for you. And, once you discover your perfect match, we will help ease your new talent into your company through our personalized onboarding process to ensure they feel welcomed, prepared and confident as they step into their new role.

Our approach will boldly exceed your expectations. That’s a promise.