Talent Solutions

Strategies for sustainable growth

Executive & Leadership Development

Investing time and resources in developing leaders within your current team is a worthwhile endeavor that pays dividends in terms of retention and organizational satisfaction. M3 Placement & Partnership will work with you to create internal programs and toolkits that can be used to groom top talent for leadership roles.

Professional Development and Training

M3 is a dedicated partner in the design and facilitation of professional development and training sessions for your employees. From small to large groups, M3 is able to deliver industry insight and guidance that will help you enhance workplace standards and success. Sample areas include:

Interviewing best practices for hiring managers
Professional protocol and office essentials
Dealing with difficult people: Communication fundamentals
Preparing for a management role
Team building workshops, roleplaying and resources
Conflict resolution
Creating personalized professional development plans

Outplacement & Career Transition Programs

Exits are an important part of the employee lifecycle and deserve focused attention. Companies are recognizing the ROI when they provide their employees with outplacement and career transition programs. Whether transitioning employees to new positions within your company or providing assistance to individuals that have been affected by a reduction in force, outplacement and career transition services can improve corporate image and employee retention while reducing liability and unemployment costs. M3 offers customized, high-touch programs designed to meet your needs and those of your employees. Services range from training for managers to group and one-on-one coaching sessions for employees.

Accompanying Partner Programs

First impressions are pivotal and exceptional candidates have spouses/partners, family, special needs and interests that deeply influence the interview and decision-making process. Created to enhance recruitment initiatives, your new hires and their family member will have access to a team of experts who specialize in the areas of recruiting, career coaching and community resources. Having a firm such as M3 that can make community introductions and help navigate these issues by providing customized guidance is a key differentiator that will set your institution or organization apart from other opportunities candidates are considering.