Candidate Placement

To place experts, we become experts.

We understand life on both sides of the talent table. We look beyond resumes and listen behind words to make successful and lasting placements. M3 Placement & Partnership believes that each direct placement search is unique, as is each candidate. We integrate our mindset with that of your company, and with that outlook we seek candidates who align with your needs and aspirations.

Looking beyond the surface of a position and identifying the dynamics of an organization helps M3 Placement & Partnership communicate your expectations to candidates. Equally as important are a candidate’s goals, personality and skill set.

Whether we are placing a mid to senior level position or an entry level, administrative role, we commit to a thorough vetting of candidates. M3 Placement & Partnership will never force fit or sacrifice quality to make a placement.

Similar to our executive search process, we will facilitate the screening, interviewing and hiring process for you. And, once your perfect match identified, we will help ease your new hire into your company through our personalized onboarding process to ensure they feel welcomed, prepared and confident as they step into their new role.

Our placements thrive because we do more than fill positions, we fulfill potential.