Two Surveys. One System.

CultureTalk offers an end-to-end system for measuring the culture of an organization, as well as the strengths of the leaders and teams that drive it. Two online assessments– one for organizations and one for individuals – use the same, simple, story-based framework to identify strengths and shadows through 12 cultural storylines. The system turns your culture into a strategic business asset that drives bottom-line impact by greatly improving the recruiting process, increasing retention and developing leaders, individuals, and teams.

M3 is a CultureTalk certified partner and integrates the CultureTalk Survey System, including assessments, facilitation tools and trainings throughout our services to provide a cross-functional lens from which to view the layers of existing HR programs and the profiles of job seekers and employees.

CultureTalk for Organizations provides ROI quickly by:

  • Naming the attitudes, expectations, and behaviors that are unique to success at your company
  • Improving understanding of HOW and WHY decisions are made
  • Uncovering approaches that are aligned with success that should be shared
  • Identifying gaps between stated goals and current behaviors
  • Illustrating differences between locations and departments and how that may impact effectiveness
  • Clarifying which job candidates may be an ideal match for the culture
  • Defining the “unwritten rules” new hires encounter

CultureTalk for Individuals enhances engagement and retention by:

  • Enabling leaders to understand personal motivations and behaviors at a deeper level
  • Improving communication and aligning expectations
  • Increasing understanding of each leader’s impact on their direct reports and the culture of the company as a whole
  • Enabling managers to understand the strengths of each individual and the make-up of the team
  • Identifying what types of individuals are most successful in specific roles
  • Increasing respect, camaraderie and engagement
  • Uncovering gaps in strengths represented on the team as well as attitudes and behaviors that may be impeding success
  • Clarifying which job candidates will be a good match or bring missing attributes

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