Back to School

September is back to school month for students but also a great time of year to consider what you need to learn for your own professional growth.

Does your dream job require a degree or credential that you don’t currently have but would consider obtaining? Now is a good time to research programs, identify requirements and figure out if timelines and cost are realistic for you.

Maybe you are happy at your current company but would like to move into a higher position. What’s holding you back? If it’s a specific skill, brainstorm ways to learn this skill.  Are there internal training opportunities with your employer? Can you learn this skill online or through a community organization like your local library?

Are you exploring a career shift and thinking about different job options?  Read about jobs and research industry trends. Try an informational interview with someone in the field of your interest to see what it’s really like before you make the leap.

Learning is critical to job success no matter where you are in your career path. Be open to growth and opportunities whether they may be in the classroom, online or through a great conversation!

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