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M3 Placement & Partnership is not your traditional staffing firm. Mary Malone McCarthy, founder and CEO, envisioned a firm that created opportunities for both companies and candidates alike, in an environment that was both nurturing and professional. Where people felt that their needs were taken seriously, and where they were never a number or an afterthought. Where they felt they had a committed partner as they embarked on their search.

It was this vision on which M3 Placement & Partnership was built, and where it continues to flourish today.

M3 has been accepted into the American Staffing Association, and was awarded New York State Minority and Women Business Enterprises (MWBE) Certification. The company focuses on executive, mid-to-senior-level management and professional support staff, but also assists with temporary work and professional services.

M3 Placement & Partnership offers an unparalleled experience to our clients and candidates.

At M3, we are thoroughly involved in the placement process from start to finish. Whether you’re a client searching for the perfect person to join your team, or a candidate exploring a new career, we are your true partners in success. We believe each person and each opportunity is unique. Our processes are customized based on your needs, your wants and your deepest desires. Your complete satisfaction is not just important to us; it drives us to ensure no stone is unturned, no path is unexplored.

At M3 Placement & Partnership, we believe that greatness lies within the clients we represent, as well as all of our candidates. We unlock the potential that resides within each opportunity, and drive these opportunities to resounding success. We create meaningful human connections, and see our purpose as striking synergies between our clients and our candidates.

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We want to be your champion, and inspire you toward greatness.